Enhancing crane risk management with lift planning


In late November 2021, The Crane Industry Council of Australia’s (CICA) CEO Brandon Hitch and Stuart Edwards, Director of Edwards Heavy Lift, and CICA Technical Committee Member – presented the Federal Safety Commissioner Hazard 2020 webinar on lift planning for crane risk management.  You can watch this webinar here.

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Determining the suitable size for outrigger mats

The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) recently released this advice on how to calculate the right size of Outrigger mats for your crane. Failing to do this can have disastrous consequences.

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Working with Health and Safety regulators for a better industry outcome

In late 2020, Wadonga based Dunn’s Twin City Cranes (DTCC) were issued with a Prohibition Notice by Worksafe Victoria. DTCC successfully appealed the notice and consultation with the regulator has allowed CICA to form a steering committee and discussions with Work Safe Victoria around lifting personnel using work boxes have begun.

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Tasmania leading the way with productive road access

In conjunction with key industry groups such as The Crane Industry Council of Australia and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Tasmanian State and Local Government road managers have developed a state-wide system to maximise heavy vehicle productivity and access across Tasmania’s roads. Read more

Controlling the load remotely

Remote load-control systems are designed to make taglines obsolete providing greater productivity, efficiency and safety by automating lifting operations. The Crane Industry Council of Australia’s Technical Committee examines these technologies in this issue’s CICA Tech Corner. Read more

CICA President’s report: Navigating uncertain times with optimism

Crane hirers are bucking the trend and continue to be desensitised to the “doom and gloom” that COVID-19 has caused. Optimism abounds, as crane businesses put this year behind them and look to 2021 with renewed vigour. There’s plenty to look forward to. Read more